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The ultimate in feminism or can it get any worse than this ?
Hi everyone ,

It`s been some time since I posted something here on the forum , but not on the WWS blog !!
Today I want to tell you some stories , that have happened very recently , and one has been in the news in the UK.

In the last half , of 2015 , a very popular radio dj , was sharing his life , with some colleagues and the audience.
He was telling , about the pregnancy of his girlfriend , and when it was time for the bay to be born.
In the last months of 2015 , I don`t recall exactly , in what moth , the twins were born.

You can imagine his pride and happiness , and he was very emotional about this big event in their life.
But , oohhhh , what disaster struck him , when the twins , were a little bit older!!!

For some reason , not known , to the public and his colleagues , he had doubts about he being the biological father.
And so , he had a DNA test performed.At first , it was his plan , to not tell the people about it!!
Imagine , you have been , sitting on a pink cloud for some months.And when the babies are here , you are not sure if you are their father !

I am sure , that his is mind bugging and really devestating for every man.Sure enough , the test proved , that HE IS NOT THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER !!!! Angry Angry Angry CryCry

It was his mother , who urged him , to come and open up , on this , how hard it may even be , for him.
Think of the consequences , if he would let everybody , to believe , that they are his children.When the children are teens , how will they react , when they will learn , that "their parents" , were lying all the time.

By letting them think , that he is their father , when in fact , he is not.

This dj , had a relation for several years , with this woman.And they were living together for some years.
So , why did his girlfriend , had sex with another man , and let him believe , that he is the father ??????

It really makes you wonder , yes ??This did not happen in the USA , but in my country in Europe.

And here is the second story , I want to tell you about.
This happened , just last week in the UK.Maybe you have heard about it on Facebook.

This woman 33 yrs old , appeared on the talk show - " this Morning" - in England.
She is seeking for a sperm "DONOR" , to have a child.
NO WAIT , before you start to jump to conclusions ...........................

She ALREADY HAS 12 CHILDREN .................................. Huh Huh Huh

Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh , am I missing something here .............. ?????????????

She mentioned , that she is taking the children , just for the children`s social security money ..................
She "collects" 40.000 British pound per year ...................

In the show , she was bragging about the summer vacation , that she and the 12 kids , will make to Mallorca this year.
About her very expensive hand bag ..............
And about her breast surgery , that she had planned ........................

Am I getting crazy , when I hear ALL THIS ??????????????????????
What sort of society has this become ?? Do you believe , that it is right , to let women have more to say or to
decide ????

I ask myself , is this were feminism , is shooting itself in the foot ????

Naturally , the British people are furious.Because she is having a good life , from their tax money ..................

I wonder , if things can get any worse !!!! With feminism .................

Glad , that I decided to seek my happiness else where .....................

Guys , when will you follow .............................................

Paul (Dutch)
Hi Paul,

Two very interesting stories.  Well the DJ is just one of many.  The western governments could care less if he is not the biological father and are more than willing to con, coerce, shame, or force someone else to pay the bill.  The majority of the western women have the same attitude.  "It's not my fault and someone else has to clean up my mess."  I would never expect honor and remorse from the typical soulless woman from the west.  As for the other story from the UK.  More proof that men residing in the west are not dealing with women.  She is using her children to get free (stolen) money from others to be a selfish consumer.  Exclamation   She wants a family and respect without a husband.   Idea She wants a sperm donation without having sex with a man.  Huh  It's where the Twilight Zone and a Brave New World intersect on the road to hell.

Hi Seeker ,

Well it is not specifically , for the child support money , that the DJ`s girlfriend , did not tell him , that she had seks with another man !!As you may know , in Holland , we have a somewhat rather good social security system.

Not to mention , all the legislation , that the Euro Parliament , has effected , on this and other matters.
So , my point is , has this society , changed so much , that Western women , believe , that it is all a
good way , to have a partner and also fool around , with other men, who she finds attractive ??

Even or when , there is a little bit of bad times , in the relation ????You get my point ??
So , she wanted , to take this to the extreme , to have him raise the kids , and let him believe ,
that they are his own .................. , I ask you ????????????

Of course , the relation has ended and the dj moved to his own place.

In this respect , I want to tell you about another story , that happened some years ago.I believe it was 9 or 10 years ago.It is about a very good looking , and rather well known Dutch woman.
She was doing modelling work , had some appearences on tv shows and even had some tv shows , in where she was starring.

So , everything was going her way.And , just as we know , how it goes with beautiful Western women , she had several relations , that did not last.
After some time , of being single , she found herself , a rather rich guy (he had a couple of millions on his bank acount).

But , when the marriage was 1 month old , he found out , that she was already 2 months pregnant.
AND IT WAS NOT FROM HIM .......................................... (ooohh my God , where can I hide now ?)
It was all big news.

I don`t have to tell you , that the marriage was over.And the man had to go through very bad emotions.
Did he deserve this ?? Maybe , I can`t say.

And the model , she went into anonymity.Or could it be , that no program maker , wanted to have her ??
Until today , she has kept the silence , and did`t say anything , about , why she did marry the guy.
Or , at least , didn`t told him , about her pregnancy ..................

So , are these women`s minds , so twisted , that they don`t understand , what is morally acceptable , anymore ??
Or , are they thinking , that this is the new standard ?
This is also being fuelled , by the apps , that wants to make it (very) easy , for you , to have sex with ayone.

I am sure , you know , what I`m talking about.So , do the big providers , are telling us , which new way of
thinking , we should adept to ???
Of course , we know too well , that these apps are just , to let these companies , get richer and richer.

And is getting very rich , without no effort (or minimal work) becoming the new morale , and the new standard?
And , there are no more rules for decency , politeness , self esteem and dignity ??
Are these tech companies , pushing us , further away , of what was considered - "not done" - some 40 - 50 years ago ??

Or , are the people in charge , of these companies , have themselves been brainwashed , all these years , and
can`t make a difference anymore , to what is wrong or right?

What is morally acceptable , and what is not ??Or is making money , the ultimum , of being alive , and everything
else , has no value anymore ................................

I ask myself , if the initial - liberation of women - is now , not destroying our society.
And we ALL , are getting more selfish , and there is no more room for compassion and support , for our fellow man ??

You summed it up quite nicely...

Women in the west don't want good men.

The men contribute and sacrifice the most and get rotting scraps in return.

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