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If I had it to do all over again...
1. Having or not having sex with a female does not automatically affect your future chances for a meaningful relationship and healthy sex life. Simply do not be afraid of intimacy and femalesWink

2. Well, there are women who’ll stay with their males in all troubles and in all good times, and there are those who will not. Never generalize this stuff.

3. And again, you concentrate way too much on income and status in the society. YES, it’s a mandatory prerequisite for any North American female which only wants to sell herself to the highest male bidder on a dating market. Eastern European females ain’t like that.

4. I do not see nothing wrong in your desire to party!
You are a lot younger than I am, and I’m in my early 40s.
You have you own priorities and visions at the moment , and if you want to party and enjoy life NOW, then go for it! Ain’t nothing wrong with it.

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