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If I had it to do all over again...
(10-22-2015, 05:14 AM)Seeker Wrote:  Scott,

You mentioned in your most recent article..."If I was 22 right now I would be applying for jobs in Dubai, Quatar, Bahrain and/or any other international airline hub that I could find."

Was this primarily due to your specific job in the airline industry, the logistics of being close to the young foreign flight attendants/international female workers, or the financial perks of having a gulf job?

I mean, if I was just coming out of college now, I would take a job in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Quatar, etc. Somewhere with a huge international airport hub.

Alternatively, I would try to take a job in Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, etc. This of course would be a lot easier if you speak Russian.

The Woman are so hot in the rest of the world. Working on a Western paycheck while living overseas beats the hell out of Oklahoma population 25,000.

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