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Advice on getting your Russian Girlfriend a tourist Visa to the US
I've talked to a lot of Men with experience in this subject and I also have my own experience(s).

If and when you decide to try to get your girlfriend a visa to America, you must understand the thought process of the immigration service. Their first and foremost concern is that your girlfriend will return to Russia at the end of her stay. Other than her word, what do they have? They will look at what is "most likely." 

If your Girlfriend is unemployed and looks like a Playboy model, any right-thinking human will think that there is not a very good chance that she will return to Russia, whether or not she stays with you. In America, she will have opportunities. In Russia, she's just "another pretty girl."

In order to "prove" that she will return, they want to see a compelling reason for her to return.

Does she have any (hard) assets in Russia?
Does she have a good job?
Does she care for a child or elderly person?

If your girlfriend has a child and the child is staying behind, there is a very good chance that she will return. If she is the president of a corporation and has a good income, she will probably return.

If she has no compelling reason to return, they will assume she's coming as a tourist with the intent to migrate.

Another big mistake I see guys making is that they have their Girlfriend put down on the question that asks, "Who is paying for your trip?" And they answer, "My boyfriend." This is a huge fail and your application will be denied. If your Woman doesn't have sufficient assets on her own to make the trip, the CPB will assume that she will not return.

If you can trust her, it is better to send her the money she will use to support herself while in America. Have her put it in her bank and bring the statement.

Of course, if you don't know her well, if you're not in a serious relationship, this is a big problem. Best to meet her in Egypt, Turkey or in Prague.

One of the questions that is asked is if she has a relationship with an American. If you answer yes, immigration might reject the visa application and suggest instead a fiance visa. Something to consider.

In this way, an alternate possibility to the fiance Visa is a marriage in the US after arrival on a tourist visa. However, I would argue against applying for a change of status on that visit. It may be construed that there was fraud in that the original reason for the visit was the marriage. Better to return home, married, spend some time in Russia and then return later on another (or the same) tourist visa and then apply for a change of status.

Quite technically, if you decide to get married BEFORE she comes to the US, you must get a fiance Visa. So, don't decide with 100% certainty that you will get married until after she arrives in the US.  Wink

While quite a tricky complication, it is important to follow the spirit of the law to avoid breaking it.

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