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Male Shaming Tactics
(03-14-2015, 01:48 AM)Seeker Wrote:  Yes.
Also no one ever brings up the fact that women mature much faster than men.  It's pretty apparent that 40 year old men and women never look the same age.  No matter how much a women takes care of herself.  Another factor is fertility.  Once women hit 30 to 35 they have much tougher time conceiving and birthing healthy children compared to 20 to 24.  Yet men are capable of planting their seeds until they kick the bucket in old age.  Yet it is forbidden in western society to state truths that have been known since the beginning of man.  Now they are trying to push pseudoscience onto the public, like male menopause, something that does not and will not ever exist.
Another point is that women mentally mature faster than men.  The reason these weak feminist try to date and marry men the same age or younger than them is that they are not socially and psychology mature as their non-western competition.  Western women talk about wanting real men but when mature men interact with them they are unable to handle it.  The average American woman in her early 20s could not handle the responsibility of being in a relationship with a man his late 30s (or even 40s) but an average Colombian woman is more than capable.  I'm sure the same would apply to other non-western parts of the world.

(03-13-2015, 05:41 AM)Scott Wrote:  I think that one of the most derisive Male shaming techniques is the use of the word "creep." If a guy doesn't fit into the unrealistic Western-feminist definitions of "knight with shining armor," women seem to throw around the word creep quite liberally. I've seen a lot of nice guys branded with the creep label for such slight infractions as asking a woman out on a date or something as mild as saying "hello." It seems that many Western women, for no good reason, label any guy a creep who they deem below their dating status. In other words, if Brad Pitt asks them out, he's a "dream," whereas, Clarence from IT asks them out and he's "creepy."

Or, any guy who dates a woman who is younger by more than 2 years is creepy. Wow, I guess I'm a total creep because I'm 10 years older than my Wife. Interestingly, we both think that it is totally normal (it is - and has been for eons. Only in the last 50 years has it become 'creepy').

Really though, any woman that is a gold digger is ultra-creepy. Wouldn't it be nice if every time a woman sucked up to a good looking Man, she was instantly branded as a creep? Or, any time a woman was attracted to a rich, powerful or successful Man, she was branded a creep. Think about it, it is a serious double standard.
I must be one of the biggest creeps in world!  I'm in my mid 30s but I would never try to pick up a woman over 25. Haha!  I think that observation about the 2 year age difference is funny because what is said and what is done are two different things.  I can guarantee that if a man his late 40s parked his shiny new Porsche (or anything similar) in a mall parking lot in the US...girls in their early to mid 20s would start acting super creepy.  Now who's shallow?

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