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Best time to visit?
Hi Scott,

I have met two foreign women who were from Columbia and from Russia. They were both very friendly. I also have had a Russian woman as teacher and she was cute for a woman in her 40’s. I have noticed that two Russian women that I have met were very reserved, but once I got to know them they were very sweet and friendly and had great sense of humour. The Columbian girl I met was much more outgoing and warm right from the start. I guess this has to do with cultural differences.

I am going on a trip to Russia with classmates for a class trip to St. Petersburg in two years and I was wondering what the nightclubs were like. I here that unlike the guys in South America, the Russian/ Eastern European guys do not like or really know how to dance and me and my buddies do. How will the girls in Russia treat me and the other guys?

Also I heard on single travel dude (a website linked to this one that there are alot of milfs and cougars in Russia). Is this true?

I have heard that even thought this is a male-dominated workplace and the women can take a compliament, there are some female bosses. My question is are they hot?

Finally is there any beaches near St. Petersburg to meet girls?

Any questions or comments from Scott or anyone else would be much thanked



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