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How long is your visa?In - Scott - 02-07-2015

I'm wondering how many Americans have taken advantage of the 3 year Russian tourist visa?

In Sept. 2012, Russia and America signed an agreement wherein the nationals of each country could get a visa to the other country for 3 years; it is a 3 year multi-entry visa.

The visa is good for 6 months stay each year and seems like a good deal all around.

I was able to do even better and I secured a 3 year multi-entry business visa that allows for (almost) unlimited stay in Russia for 3 years. My visa is good for 6 months PER VISIT. As long as I leave the country for 1 day, I can return and stay for another 6 months. It is almost like having a residency visa (except for twice a year "border runs").

I'm wondering if you've had a tourist visa, and if so, how long? And, have you had a business visa to Russia?